01 December 2018

Gold Coins


















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George III Guinea                                                                                8.35 grams  22ct Gold






Elizabeth II Full Sovereign & Half Sovereign            7.98 grams & 3.99 grams Fine Gold






Victoria Young Head Shield Back Full Sovereign                            7.98 grams Fine Gold






Victoria Old Head – St George Full Sovereign                                  7.98 grams Fine Gold






Edward VII – St George Full Sovereign                                             7.98 grams Fine Gold






George V – St George Full Sovereign                                                 7.98 grams Fine Gold






Elizabeth II Full Sovereign                                                                  7.98 grams Fine Gold






Edward VII Half Sovereign                                                                 3.99 grams Fine Gold  






George V Half Sovereign                                                                      3.99 grams Fine Gold  






Elizabeth II Half Sovereign                                                                  3.99 grams Fine Gold    






Elizabeth II Quarter Sovereign                                                           1.99 grams Fine Gold








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